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E-Discovered and iConect News!

I am proud to announce E-Discovered has joined the iConect network of LSP providers and has launched E-Discovered Cloud to offer the new V10 of the XERA software to all sizes and scopes of plaintiff projects. This flexibility allows us to offer the full XERA experience to ECA research projects as well as established multi-party coordinated review projects with more flexibility in term and pricing.

iConect/XERA V10 has been completely redesigned to offer users and project managers a clean/quick interface that can onboard projects for quick assessment and categorization. This can help teams make decisions about the path forward for matters as well as host projects in excess of 10,000,000 documents with the same level of stability and performance.

Please contact for more info on XERA and iConect and our partnership and new offerings!

iConect original press release can be located HERE.


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