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Storytelling at its finest

Learned knowledge and lessons learned are the absolute most important keys to success in any plaintiff review project, much more so than process or technology solution. Utilizing key reviewers and researchers in subsequent similarly structured projects gives the project management team the foundation needed for success.

The ability to admit workflow mistakes and correct them post-projects and apply that "never again" mentality to the next project is a skill that all e-discovery project managers must possess, and the insight to use past experiences, including data that can be shared between projects enhances the next project and so on.

Any large scale review project has to look at past experiences to start fast and be effective in the discovery review process, and most of the times these first steps are ignored. Attorneys are far too busy with initial case management and defense attorneys are eager to push data and dictate technology applications leaving the plaintiff's scrambling to look through potentially millions of documents without even an initial document type tag index.

I take pride in having projects ready to hit the ground running, and letting the attorneys reviewing data begin to put the story together immediately, rather than being caught up in simple categorization. A combination of simple analytic tools and traditional similarity searches can convert a disorganized production of data into a much better starting point to rely on when it comes time to actually put together a case.


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